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If you feel a-hungered, you don’t have to go far. The College operates major campuses in Cranford, Elizabeth, Plainfield, Scotch Plains and a satellite location in Rahway. If the thousands of in-house books and more than 60,000 online books aren’t enough, your Union ID gets you a UNL library card with access to a world-class research library. In addition to its function as a landmark and clock, the tower is equipped with carillon chimes that can be heard on campus and in the surrounding neighborhood. The main lobby leads into a lounge area with couches and access to board games, computers, and printers. Clubs, the Associated Student Body, and the Clocktower use this area as a home base. 1033 Springfield Avenue There is rich history on campus as well. Larson Lifestyle Center's cardio room is a great escape from the freshman 15. Union Manor is owned by the college and provides housing for elderly residents. 37. One of the hotel-like guest rooms in the Ortner Center. Find building information, directions and have a look around campus. Parents and students share a prayer of blessing at the beginning of each school year. Union’s campus became part of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum in 1981. Learn more about our admission visit options. Turn on map layers Dining Designated Entries/Exits - COVID-19 Response. ASU Service Station 35. Additional UA Maps. As an added feature, an interactive "looking glass" allows viewers to visualized changes to the campus layout over a 60-year period. Between the multiple study rooms, couches, ping pong table, pool table, and TV’s, it always seems to be busy. Configurable classrooms give teachers to option to lecture or work with small groups. It is made of three-fourths inches stainless steel, and its continents are made of anodized aluminum, giving it a gold color. Plans are taking shape for enlarging and upgrading the lifestyle center. Union was the first Adventist college and the first college in Nebraska to launch a digital catalogue. Less than a half mile from Union, the clock tower and administration building are part of the skyline. from Phoenix / I-10 / N-W to campus. Interactive map of Union University's Jackson, Tennessee campus The diversity of trees on campus provides a great food source for a healthy squirrel population. Click and drag the map to pan. Lincoln’s urban wildlife has been increasing over the last two decades, and Union’s proximity to Holmes Lake Park means many different species come to visit. Chapman Hall 26. Picnic tables under the clock tower are a great place to study or hang out. Parking Map. Today, it is home to Union’s Integrated Marketing and Communications Department, which is responsible for areas such as public relations, social media, design, and website management. City of Tucson. If you’re lucky, you may catch the monarch migration that blankets campus for a couple days every few years. Access resources and find your study spot. Life coaches help you choose classes and set up a study strategy for crushing each subject. Behind-the-scenes nursing instructors create patient situations that give students real world experience without the real-world consequences of making wrong decisions. Engel Hall was originally two buildings: one was the music building and the other was the college library. Occupational therapy practitioners approach care in a holistic way—working with clients to meet their goals and participate fully in all areas of their lives. Ketcham Residence Hall 21. Part of the state-wide arboretum system, Union's campus is home to more than 100 species of trees and shrubs. Directions: The entrance to the library is located on the second floor of the Verner Holmes Learning Resource Center. Student Life and Campus Ministries, which are also on the first floor, are usually filled with students planning the next big worship or social event. This exceptional team can make the transition to college a smooth—and winning—experience. Larson Lifestyle Center is Union's fitness and wellness center and home to the Nursing Program. Rooms in Rees Hall are in the process of being updated with new windows, cabinetry and flooring. Cooper’s Corner provides snacks and meals on-the-go that can be purchased with a Union ID. Lincoln, Nebraska, a great place to learn, Lincoln-Lancaster County Genealogical Society, Click here for a campus map that lists accessibility features, Distance Learning Complaint Process for Out-of-State Students, Website Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice. Lakeside Residence Hall 18. Engel Hall is home to the Mac Lab where graphic design students combine technical skills with a foundation in visual art. Primarily residential in nature, Mount Union’s picturesque 123-acre campus is located in Alliance, OH (population 23,000), within 80 miles of both Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The library also houses the schools historical documents and artifacts. While not technically part of the college, College View Academy has been part of the campus family since 1926. Each year, international rescue and relief students work with PA and nursing students as well as Lincoln's first responders to run disaster simulations and training exercises. Tolerton and Hood Hall 24. This is the spot for soccer, flag football and softball games. Study spaces throughout the building provide students with space to meet with tutors or in study groups. The Physician Assistant (PA) program provides a postgraduate degree at Union College. Their enthusiasm for the project may have been because it was one sport that was approved for co-ed participation. Full resolution versions are also accessible on that page for download. The campus squirrel population also attracts predators, such as this baby owl's family. Campus Map; Visit UD. Campus Maps Contact Information This application is a product of the Digital Experience Group at Nebraska . The College View church provides a welcoming faith community to students. Across from the front desk is the entrance to Union Market, Union College’s eating area with salad bars, a hot food line, sandwiches, and a bakery. Alpha Chi Omega Sorority House 15. Parking Services. It attracts community members as well as students and includes classrooms for health and human performance (HHPA) courses and even a pro shop. Whether working on a class project or assisting professors with research, the Krueger Center has room to experiment. Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center (Library) 25. The first time tennis courts were built on Union’s campus was in 1932, when students made two clay courts near the Thunderdome. Union County College Union's gym provides a place to learn and play. A long, rambling line at the center of campus, the Don Love Building has been expanded and remodeled extensively since it was first built as a factory for student employment in 1939. Tutors walk you through the rough patches in your road to learning. Stewart Lyttle Apartments 19. Each floor has a lobby where women can hang out, study, exercise, or watch TV. Directions to Campus. Offering kindergarten through high school, the academy is supported by the Seventh-day Adventist churches in Lincoln. On the west side of the building, you’ll find recital halls, practice rooms and a recording studio. Share this location Copy & paste link to this location Embed this location into your website The President's Dining Room provides space for special events, such as the International Relations Banquet. At the 50-foot level in the clock tower sits a globe 6 feet in diameter. Mobile Maps for Android and Apple. Public Annual Notification of Non-Discrimination, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Statement, JFK Muhlenberg Snyder School of Nursing/Union County College Cooperative Nursing Program, JFK Muhlenberg Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, On the Job Training Resource for Employers, Center for Economic & Workforce Development, Union County College Emergency Alert Notification System (Regroup), Public Access to Union County College Records. Across from the front desk is the entrance to Union Market, Union College’s eating area with salad bars, a hot food line, sandwiches, and a bakery. Just five blocks from campus, Holmes Lake is a favorite spot to exercise, unwind and enjoy nature. Select the buildings on the map above or their names below to learn more. Also includes those buildings which rely on student fees or institutional funds and do not currently receive State General Funds for operating expenses.

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