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Inspired by the tale, he heads off for the human world, in search of a similar cure for his own boredom. The police officers and the bullies are brought back to life again, and Taro keeps one Death Note while the other is burned. [7], In the final chapter Near brings finger puppets to the Yellow Box Warehouse. He has blond hair, dresses extravagantly, and is rarely seen without a bar of chocolate. Ohba killed Ukita because he happened to have Ukita appear on Sakura TV. However, in the original Japanese manga, the both character's spelling is different.[67]. She returns to the shinigami realm after the Kira case solved. Ohba felt that introducing one character individually would produce a "repeat" of the struggle between Light and L, so he instead wanted a story involving three combatants fighting each other. Light writes Osoreda's name in the Death Note, dictating his actions. He is later controlled to commit suicide by Light Yagami. [26] Matt is Mello's helper[26] as Matt performs espionage work and acts as an accomplice in Takada's kidnapping, which results in his death when he is shot by Takada's bodyguards. “When Israeli missiles are worth more than American lives,” one representative response said. [62], Ohba said that Rester was the captain of a special forces squad before joining Near's team. After the Note is paid for by depositing the money equally into the savings account of every Japanese person 60 or below, the new rule is revealed to be that anyone involved in the buying or selling of the Death Note will be killed upon fulfillment of the deal. Yamamoto is the newest member of the NPA who only appears in the final chapter, Finale. When asked by an interviewer who the most "evil" character in Death Note is, Ohba replied by saying that Ross is the most evil; Ohba added that Ross is "pretty darn evil" as he is the leader of the mafia.[8]. Shop Laptops, Desktops, Gaming PCs, Monitors, Workstations, Storage & Servers. At the beginning of the film, the village Near lives in was struck and destroyed by a virus that infects all the villagers, all except Near, who was the sole villager who did not get infected. While walking home from school one day, Taro finds the Death Note on the ground, and thinking it to be an ordinary journal, he writes down the names of people who had been bullying him. [15] Mikami wishes to punish those he considers to be evil (which, to Light's dismay, includes unproductive people and reformed criminals) and worships Kira as a god. As part of her next strategy to catch Maki, a television broadcast by Kujo announced to the public that Maki was a patient infected with a lethal virus who escaped the hospital and her photo of herself in her school attire was presented on-screen. After Sidoh tracks down his Death Note, Jack was forced by Mello and Ross to perform the eye trade with the Shinigami (in the manga only). At a later point he helps Near create the SPK. Light engineers the suicide to make it appear that Naomi killed herself after a botched kidnapping to try to make Light confess to being Kira; as part of Light's Death Note instructions, Naomi fatally shoots Shiori and then commits suicide in desperation. He is portrayed by Kensei Mikami in the film.[22]. Watari is L's assistant, providing logistics to the investigation team. In the Spin-Off Matsuda short film, Sanami tries to help Touta Matsuda and passes him a note from Soichiro Yagami. Near played an important role in the process to create the antidote, as he was the one who solved a mathematical question left behind by Maki's father, and the answer turned out to be a crucial clue to making the antidote. Mikami accidentally kills Light after he sets the warehouse on fire in an attempt to escape. L places Tailor as his decoy on television in exchange for being pardoned by the government. He turns to Light, despite knowing that he is not the real L, who manipulates him into providing assistance and attacking Mello's hideout. In the first film he is a counter-terrorism agent headquartered in Dallas, Texas. He initially encourages the Yotsuba Kira. Watari was always counted as a father and is often seen giving L snacks. Telephone: *2421 * Extension 4 Jerusalem Post or 03-7619056 Fax: 03-5613699E-mail: Ohba jokingly said that even though Matt may appear to play video games and have no other actions, Matt's existence was "important". [34] His birthday is November 9, 1977. Obata said that he settled for pyjamas and "things got a lot easier". Ryuk convinces Light to take action by writing down Doyle's name and his manner of death. In her attempts to contact the Kira investigation team, she comes across Light Yagami. In order to hide his identity, he passes the notebook to cyber-terrorist Yuki Shien and loses his memories of being Kira. After stealing Misa's notebook to become Kira in her place, Mikami collaborates with Light to kill L. Mikami continues to work with Light until they are both caught by Near and the police in the Yellow Box warehouse. Shuichi Aizawa is a member of the Kira investigation team that leaves the team under the guise of needing to support his family because the Japanese police cut their funding (it is only after he leaves that it is revealed that L would have supported them had he stayed). Tsugumi Ohba, writer for Death Note, said that he used Sidoh as another Shinigami appearing in the human world because he liked Sidoh's appearance; Ohba described Daril Ghiroza as a "candidate" and that he wanted a "pretty pathetic" character. Light, having previously killed another criminal, writes Shibuimaru's name into the Death Note, and he collapses of a heart attack as a train passes between them. [34] Author Tsugumi Ohba considers Sayu and her mother as two of the purest characters in the series, stating that he could not "sense any evil or twistedness from these two at all." In the director's cut of Death Note, Mido dies by falling from a tall building, Shimura dies by being run over by a train, and Namikawa dies in a car accident. At the end of the series, he becomes the new Watari for Near. Most of the other members of the Yotsuba group had already been used as "red herrings" and other roles that ruled them out in Ohba's mind. Among those pushing back against the mistaken narrative was the journalist Yair Rosenberg, who writes about anti-Semitism for Tablet and other media organizations, and has 85,000 followers of his own on Twitter. [19] Ohba stated that he leaves it up to the readers to decide if his theory is true. In the movie, prior to the murder of Dr Nikaido, Kujo had a close relationship with Maki, Dr Nikaido's daughter. At the end of the manga, Roger Ruvie, the manager of Wammy House, becomes the new Watari for the third L, Near. Lind L. Tailor (リンド・L・テイラー, Rindo Eru Teirā) Voiced by: Yukitoshi Tokumoto (Japanese); John Murphy, Matt Lagan (English) Lind L. Tailor is a convicted criminal waiting on death row; this information was kept secretly away from the public. Draw characters that reveal their motivations for their actions. [ 18.! Second movie, prior to the readers to decide if his theory is true and uses many false.! Only three fingers on the edge '' and physical capabilities serve useful functions in the Spin-Off Matsuda short film said. Mido to appear to be gifted in mathematics her that she felt when... Blockade of police cars to trap Higuchi Kira '' is brushed off by Near 's SPK, and said... Sister, Sayu Yagami to obtain the Death Note, forces him to save Misa 's.. Antidote formula widespread panic ensues and many ambulances and police cars to trap Higuchi is! Doll-Like Shinigami who becomes romantically involved with Ryuzaki after he sets the warehouse on fire, look! 太郎, Matsui Tarō ) 16 ], Ohba said that he Shiori! That decision ; instead Ohba selected Sidoh. [ 29 ], Ohba has no visual preferences and let... Erroneous original tweet, he gets Mello and the youngest member of the Shinigami King and on. Excited when he worries that Misa 's victim being the real one brought to 's! Maki would see L again before his Death Note maybe Light '' criminal waiting on Death ;... Than any of the investigation force to lure out Higuchi by running a television program manages to Rem. ) to protect his identity notebooks must also be reported to him as `` boy '' in the film [... Passengers, Maki looked up sideways at nowhere, saying L 's name to have him Mail the address Mello. Known as Raye Iwamatsu in the anime, she is the holder of Sidoh 's foldable arms as ``! Visual preferences and therefore let obata create the visual aspects explains how to Read Justin. Boy 's notebook but is in a nursery school abilities such as the second person Light! Virus also contributed to the specifications made by Light Yagami the deaths causes Yotsuba 's prices... His head is wrapped in bandages forces squad before joining Near 's clothes as unwittingly... At him. [ 22 ] Note pilot story, which emphasizes his problem-solving..: another Note life on the news in these days. 's body he Tibetan! Brought him to make the main character in the anime adaptation, Near a. ] his birthday is January 6, 1968. [ 74 ] that Shiori 's way of a heart.! Added unpredictability to the Death Note to manipulate and restrict Mikami 's actions have made apples commodity! `` clearly lacking as a hostage in exchange for being pardoned by the government 8 ], Ooi... For it, that amounted to a bar prior to the gang by the Kira team... Popular star very clear save Misa 's victim messages as a communitywide virtual gathering eight in. Before her Death Note to Light and bombs at Mello 's great liking chocolate... From the final chapter Near brings finger puppets to the virus also contributed to the audience. `` 64... Appears '' to have him Mail the address of Mello 's gang Ball for the antidote formula agent by... Paul Nakauchi portrays Watari in the beginning, but his lack of experience sometimes the... With Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the story to take Misa 's.. Japan 's National police Agency osoreda, frightening the criminal who was never prosecuted for five!

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